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Our History, Our Pride

“This shall be written down for future generations, and a people yet unborn shall praise the Lord”  Psalm 102:18

A BRIEF HISTORY OF UNION CHAPEL UNITED METHODIST CHURCH. Union Chapel had its beginning in a series of Prayer Meetings in a little red cabin on Johnson Street. It was founded by Rev. White, Bro. James Bowen, Bro. Nathan Jackson, and Sis. Maria Braxton. The first building was constructed on Page Street by Bro. John Braxton, under the direction of Rev. Winn, with the first one hundred dollars having been donated by a dental technician. Construction begun around 1890.Union Chapel History Photo of Church

Union Chapel Corner Stone

Union Chapel Corner Stone

 In celebration of the South being reunited to the Union after the Civil War, Union Chapel was the name chosen by Mrs. Maria Braxton. Besides the Church School and regular Sunday worship, a mission school with the aid of volunteers from the Episcopal Church of this city was conducted on Sunday afternoons for the children and youth groups of the community. Truly, it was a place where they learned about Jesus and his love for all mankind. In and effort to improve the city of Marietta, many old homes and buildings were torn down. Union Chapel, which was one of those buildings was torn down on September 4, 1971. With great hopes of a church, the congregation assembled in various places to worship.

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In January, 1973, Bro. T.R. Wilson was assigned to Union Chapel. Under his dynamic and able leadership, finances were raised to cover much of the cost of the new structure. With the help of Supt. Charles R. Williams and others of the North Georgia Conference, funds were donated by the United Methodist Church. The new church was completed on November 17, 1974 and the cornerstone service took place on November 17, 1975. Working closely with Bro. Wilson was Rev. Wayne Williams. Rev. Williams assisted in conducting the worship service and gave leadership in other areas as well.
In June, 1975, Rev. Emile Ennis was assigned Pastor. Under his leadership, the Church continued to grow and progress. Several new members were added, the adjacent property was purchased and developed, and plans for future expansion was initiated.
In June 2008, under the leadership of Rev. Martha Randall,  discussion of selling the parsonage on Cole Street to the Landmark Bank began.  The parsonage was sold and enough funds were received to build a new sanctuary adjacent to the old church.  An agreement was made to use the bank’s parking lot for additional parking spaces during worship services. In the summer of 2009, construction began on the new sanctuary.  The first service in the new building was held the 4th Sunday of February 2010.